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Patricia Aguilar

I recently embarked on an eye-opening journey with Lifemap HQ, and I couldn't be more content with the results. Their personalized approach to coaching, combined with AI-driven insights, has provided me with clarity on my path forward and immediate actions.What I appreciated about Lifemap HQ was that their holistic life mapping technique delves deep into every aspect of one's life. Through comprehensive surveys and assessments, they gain profound insights into individual needs and aspirations. What impressed me most was the detailed presentation they provided at the end, outlining specific action steps tailored to my short, medium, and long-term goals. Unlike other assessments that often leave you with results but no actionable steps or time horizon, Lifemap HQ stands out in its clarity of action. They don't just provide insights; they equip you with a clear roadmap, ensuring you know exactly what steps to take and when. This aspect of their service has been invaluable in guiding my journey towards personal growth and development.Moreover, Lifemap HQ doesn't just stop at identifying areas for improvement; they also offer valuable recommendations for continuous learning and development. I know it will be instrumental in guiding me towards sustained progress and success.

Lifemap Coaching

Experience a new approach to personal tranformation

Unlock deep insights from your own holistic and multidimensional profile

1. Discover your Lifemap

Your multidimensional profile provides insights more effectively than traditional, singular-focused methods

2. Chat with your personal AI Coach

Deepen insights through conversations with a coach that's personalized for your Lifemap

3. Get live coaching with Alan

Get live 1-1 coaching sessions with Lifemap founder, Alan Seideman

Lifemap Report

The First Truly Holistic Life Coaching Tool

Traditional Data + Esoteric Insights = Powerful Insights

Your Complete Life

Get insights into all aspects of your life including business, love, career, money, health, friendships and more.

A Multidimensional View

Lifemap's focus on a multidimensional profile aligns users with their higher selves more effectively than traditional, singular-focused methods.

Recommendations & Next Steps

Get focused recommendations and next steps that will help you grow and improve your life.

AI Coach

Chat with your personal AI Coach

Personalized for your individual Lifemap and available 24/7

Personalized For You

Your Lifemap AI Coach is personalized for your individual profile. It knows what areas of life you want to work on and what next steps you need to take to get there.

Learns Over Time

Your Lifemap AI Coach remembers your conversation and adapts to you over time. The more you share the more growth you can work on together.


Explore thousands of topics and learn at your place. Your Lifemap AI Coach can help teach and guide you along the way.

Live Coaching

Coaching with Alan, founder of Lifemap

Human coaching for human change

Helping you connect with your higher self

Complete the cycle of personal growth with in person sessions where we work to integrate all your new Lifemap insights.

Help reach millions of people

As an early coachee you'll be part of shaping the future of Lifemap. Your experience will help millions of people around the world.

Limited spots available

I wish I could work with everyone personally but as Lifemap grows I will only be able to maintain a handful of clients for 1-1 coaching.

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